So the big question is, what do I wear to my session? Think of the outfit as the icing on the cake, and what can really pull together a unique "look" for your final photos! I've put together some tips & tricks for pulling together the perfect family outfits!

1. Comfort is key! Dress is something that you love, and feel great in! Avoid clothing that is too baggy or too tight. Be sure to check the weather and dress accordingly. I don't know about you guys, my kids are the worst if they are even the tiniest bit cold, and I wont get a single smile. 

2. Layers, layers, layers! Accessories and layers add depth and interest to an outfit. Think about adding a cardigan or jacket, jewelry, a stylish hat, scarves, etc.

3. Coordinate, but don't match: Notice the photo to the left, the mom chose a pretty pattern for the little girl, then from the dress, pulled out mustard yellow and cream for her own outfit. They aren't "matchy, matchy", but coordinate perfectly.

4. Think about the location: Where will the session take place? If you chose an open field, maybe avoid green tones, and choose something that will pop, like burgundy, yellow, or light blue? If the session is taking place somewhere with lots of color, neutral shades like beige, cream, and black really stand out!

5. Movement: I love clothing that allows for movement in photos, flowy dresses, skirts, and billowy scarves are all great options and look great on camera.

6. Get Fancy: A long, sweeping, gown and suit & tie combo looks absolutely stunning against all backdrops. Check out some of my pinterest boards to see what I mean!

- Avoid fluorescent/neon colors: Bright colors like red or orange can cast unwanted colors onto the skin and show up in photos. I recommend using muted versions of colors, for example, instead of yellow, use mustard yellow, and instead of blue, use navy blue! However, bright colors when used as accents, like in jewelry are a great addition.

- Avoid writing across clothing: This tends to look uneven or sloppy when photographed, and you want the attention on you, not a giant Nike swoosh!

- Avoid these items: Baseball caps, sunglasses or transition shades, keys/wallets in the pockets, and hair ties on the wrist.


Ferrell Color (24).jpg
FlaimFamily1 (15).jpg



- start w/ one outfit and work your way out

- newborn sessions - minimal color


- maxi dresses, skinny jeans


For kids - personality, shoes, hair