Welcome! So we're trying to pick out the perfect location for your photo shoot! What makes your family unique? Do you enjoy the beach, exploring the beautiful east coast countryside, grabbing an ice cream cone in the city, or simply snuggling at home with the ones you love? Here are a few options that I've put together, just to give you some ideas to bounce around! The sky is the limit, and I love exploring, so let's find the perfect spot for your photos!

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In Home Session: Some of my very favorite images of my own family are simply taken around the house. At home, we can capture meaningful memories where the family is most at ease, where our kids are growing and learning. Here, there's no rush, there's nowhere to go, and no one to impress. We can document the little things, like waking up with the kids and making pancakes, bare feet running down the hall, reading a favorite story book, snuggling on the couch, or simply lounging in bed. A session at home is perfect for the family that is laid back, low key, and wants to document what a day in their life looks like. 

Chatham Manor, Fredericksburg VA: Wow I CANNOT say enough about this place! In the front we have gorgeous architecture in the gardens, towers of white brick with ivy growing down the sides and overhead. Beautiful sculptures, stone benches, intricate doorways, and even a TUNNEL made of ivy!  In the back we have access to a sprawling cityscape, along with tons of evergreen trees, and a giant, white stone pagola! Be sure to check out the Chatham Manor blog post to see all the spots offered here!

Botanical Gardens, Alexandria VA: This location is breathtaking in the Spring/Summer, and has a completely different look for each season since the flowers change! There are benches, pretty paths, overhanging trees, and flowers galore here! I cant wait to see what this spot will look like in the Fall!

Maryland Beaches: Luckily for us, there are an actual ton of pretty beach locations along the east coast of Maryland! This particular beach is in Lexington Park, and is absolutely perfect at sunset! Beach sessions provide a gorgeous neutral backdrop that really puts the focus on your family! The beach is also great for winter sessions, when the rest of the landscape is grey and dull. Think cozy knit sweaters, soft blankets, and mugs of hot cocoa or a bottle of wine to keep warm!

Manassas Battlefield: This location is gorgeous at every turn! There are wide open fields, tall billowy grasses, evergreen trees, and lots of beautiful trails! This spot would be perfect for a family that loves to explore & take nature walks. We could plan a picnic, go hiking, or just let the kids play tag in the sunshine! Not to mention the significance of the land itself is pretty incredible! 'Murica. This spot is GREAT for fall photos!

Old Town, Alexandria: This place has such character and such a cool vibe. From old abandoned teal warehouses, to cobblestone streets, iron fences, and ivy strewn, crumbly brick walls, this place has got a little of everything! I'm in love with the urban, yet quaint feel to this little town. This is hands down one of my favorite places for corporate head shots or portraits.

The Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC: Talk about the dreamiest, creamiest light you've ever seen! With enormous white columns and smooth marble, this monument is a giant gorgeous light reflector, and is the perfect spot for head shots, portraits, or a high-end engagement session.

Snead Farm, Fredericksburg, VA: This farm is magical, and perfect for the holidays! After you park, you'll see rows and rows of beautiful evergreens to your right, and to the left, SO much for the little ones to do, mazes, playgrounds, a petting zoo, and more! We can grab a delicious hot cocoa from the snack stand, and you and your family can pick out the perfect tree to take home. Best part? This place allows pets!

Great Falls State Park, McLean, VA: This park is perfect for single portrait sessions, or for the adventurous couple! At every turn we have gorgeous scenery to work with, and yes, bonus points if you get IN the water!

Calvert Cliffs, Calvert MD: A 20 minute, beautiful walk through calm woods brings us out to this amazing beach with soaring cliffs and tons of treasures like seashells and sharks teeth for the little ones to find! Here, you can see the beautiful rust color of the cliffs in the winter, and also the bright greens and blues during summer!

Patawomeck Park, Stafford VA: A huge lake surrounded by an old wooden fence, covered in ivy! Long tree lined trails down each side give us plenty of neat areas to use, and the perfect spot for a princess themed photo shoot!

Milk Bath Sessions: A milk bath session is such a beautiful and unique alternative to a normal portrait session. This session was re-pinned on Pinterest over 7,000 times and also featured on "Beyond the Wanderlust"! You can check out our article here:  http://beyondthewanderlust.com/peach-cream-baby-milk-bath/   Milk baths also make for a gorgeous maternity photo shoot, or a Mommy & Me session!