The McDavid Family | Chatham Manor Maternity Session | Fredericksburg, Virginia

The McDavid Family | Chatham Manor Maternity Session | Fredericksburg, Virginia

Whew! These past few weeks have been a whirlwind for the McDavid family as they welcomed a new baby boy into their growing clan! Jamie contacted me a short time ago to see if we could quickly squeeze in her maternity photos before she was due... the very next week! You guys know that maternity sessions are hands down my favorite, so of course [...]

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Brittney Finch | Maternity Photos | Chatham Manor, Virginia


Brittney, (who will forever be "Jonesie" to me) was my "person" that I bonded with while going through the YEAR long Army Intel training down in Fort Huachuca, Arizona. When we met, we immediately clicked, and formed that type of friendship that says, "Lets just see how far we can push the Drill Sergeant".

Spoiler alert, we were ALWAYS in trouble. Whether it was climbing across the bay roofs with a water gun, sneaking off the compound at night, or stealing street signs, we were always together. Annnnd always getting arms hurt just thinking about having to carry my mattress..yes my mattress, over my head for HOURS in the desert sun. (Caveat; we were REALLY good soldiers though, and both graduated with honors, which is probably how we got off the hook with most of the stuff we pulled haha.)

But besides all the ridiculous shenanigans, it was so great to have a shoulder to lean on when things just sucked, as they tend to do in the military. Most days, we could almost forget that we were sleeping in a bay with 60 other people, had insanely long training days, and were utterly and completely homesick.

It amazes me to look back on those times, as we died laughing while recounting endless stories, and see how much we've both grown as people. (Insert super - adulty motherhood stuff). I was so glad that I could be there to take Brittney's maternity photos, and cant wait to meet her new little guy!! 

Alright, brace yourself for a poo-ton of photos of the most gorgeous pregnant lady ever.

The above two are hands down my favorite ones. You cant beat that huge belly laugh. (pun intended).