The Rothenberg Family | A Garden Family Session | Alexandria, Virginia


Guys, if you're looking for the perfect spot for a family session, be sure to check out Green Springs Garden in Alexandria! It's a tucked away little park FULL of gorgeous flowers, lakes, overhanging trees, cute brick paths, and it even has a pretty white pagoda! The best part about this location is that there is no entrance fee, and its open from sunup to sundown! In Northern Virginia, its so hard to find a park that wont charge photographers an arm and leg to shoot there, so this park has been a favorite for several of my recent clients, and I cant wait to see what it looks like in the Fall!

Moving right along to this adorable family, Jennifer and Josh picked out the most perfect bright & sunny outfits for their session, and the kids looked amazing while playing tag, Simon Says, and picking (shhh) ALL the flowers. 

You guys, at the beginning of this session Jennifer expressed to me that the kids would likely not be about pictures, and would NEVER hug it out or give me those sweet sibling moments. Yeah, they might not be about pictures, but they were ALL about playtime! And if SIMON says to hug your sister, you do it!! I swear these kids made my heart melt, picking flowers for each other, giving the sweetest hugs, and dancing through the flowerbeds. By the end we were racing around, high fiving, and had pretty much become besties. (Score!) Check out some of our favorites!