Camden & Jace | A Beach Adventure | Calvert Cliffs | Southern Maryland


Oh man. Let me just say, as much as I enjoy having girls, boys are SO MUCH FUN! On Saturday we went on an epic beach adventure with the two most adorable little guys, Camden & Jace. I got to bond with Camden over our love of Netflix dinosaur shows, and Jace showed me the best way to throw rocks into the ocean, (its a skill really).

Want to hear the best part about this session? NO POSING! No cheesy, fake smiles, no grumpy, bored kids! Let them run & explore, let them get messy! I had a blast just hanging out with these cuties while simply documenting THEM. I wanted to shut out the "rules" and just experience the day through their eyes. I loved capturing all their tiny adventures, every sea treasure they discovered, every bite of sandy PB&Js, and all their belly laughs!


Interested in setting up an unposed, "Just Me" session for your little ones? Drop me an email! Lets whip up a relaxing Sunday breakfast together, explore the park, or hit their favorite ice cream parlor! Its all about them, & capturing their tiny adventures!