Childhood | Paint Fun | Teagan | Woodbridge, VA


Moms come in many different forms, and I'm pretty sure I swing back and forth somewhere in between "Wow her kids look homeless today" and "Aww those tiny dinosaur sandwiches are adorable!" 

Yes, I'm that mom at the park who shrugs when the other moms point out that my kids are covered in dirt. So what? Let them play.  Let them explore. 

When I look back on photos of my kids, I want to see THEM.

Their childhood is muddy shoes stampeding across my clean floor and spaghetti dinner mashed in their hair. It's mismatched outfits because they love the colors and dancing wildly in the kitchen to their favorite songs. It's making art uninhibited by rules and just reveling in the freedom of it.

It's messy & I love it.