Rebecca Russ | A Waterfall Portrait Session | Great Falls State Park


I love that in our community, artists come together, sometimes just for the heck of it, to put together something pretty. Not only do we get the chance to be creative and step outside our comfort zones, but we also get to meet some pretty interesting people! Rebecca is a published model located in Richmond, VA. and I'm so glad I got to meet up with her at Great Falls for some portrait practice!

If you guys haven't already guessed, simple, expressive portraits are my absolute favorite. I love being able to focus on a single person and use that one on one time to really SEE something behind my lens. 

Okay, okay, so back to Rebecca. We SO thought winter was over when we scheduled our watery, windy, high altitude photo shoot. Unfortunately we were hit with 40 degree weather that day, and I, queen of staying huddled indoors, was pretty much dying. Guys I'm telling you, as I was going through my photos picking out favorites, this lady had NO outtakes where you could even tell she was cold! She had her game face on point the entire time, and let me just say I'm ridiculously impressed! Oh and she gets bonus points because she hunts with a bow.. (I legit screamed at her, "I USE A BOW TOO!!")  No big deal. Merida.

Here is a link to Rebecca's website, please be sure to check out her work!