The Trilli Family | Family Photos | Maryland


Meet Carter and Landon, the insanely cute offspring of some of the sweetest people, Justin & Lauren. Backstory: We all sat in Spanish class together back in...ehh.. 10th grade? And these two were just as in love then as they clearly are now. Its so crazy to see people that you were a kid with, all grown up with their very own family. But hey, they did a REALLY good job. Carter had me cracking up while I sorted through their photos, because he kept sneaking in these CRAZY faces every time his mom wasn't looking.. (yeah, looking at you little man). And Landon was super shy at first, but eventually warmed up as we ran through the tall grass, checked out the airplanes flying overhead, and even found some poop! (Yes, poop is hilarious among the toddler boy crowd.) Here are some of my favorites: