The Freedman Family | A Family Session | Botanical Garden | Alexandria, Virginia


I pretty much died when I saw Erin and Jeremy hop out of the car with their TWO little redheaded babies!! Guys I'm crying over here because I have one blonde baby and one eh... dirty blonde/brown/strawberry? My two year old's hair still hasn't decided what color its going to be! 

Oh, by the way, Erin is THE Erin from Pinterest and has been featured several times! She has the most incredible account with pretty much all of my hopes and dreams pinned on her page, haha. Be sure to check her out!

I loved that this family showed up ready to simply play with their kids and enjoy their evening together! You guys get me! As a mom myself, I LOVE looking back and seeing the goofy faces, the silly dances, and the massive belly laughs in my kid's photos, and that's what I try to give! Check out some of our favorites below!