Derrod Toney | Head Shot Session | Old Town, Alexandria


Derrod & I have been friends since high school. Naturally, we met in art class. Being the extreme introvert that I am, I was sitting alone at the only vacant table, mixing boring colors for the even more boring still life that we were required to paint. 

The only thing that was distracting my artsy solitude was some jerks at the next table who couldn't seem to stop throwing art supplies around the room, or loudly making jokes at everyone's expense.

At some point, I'd had enough.. I got up, walked over, and asked,  "Can I sit here?"

These were clearly my type of people. He made fun of my braces, I made fun of his hair, and from there on out it was a solid relationship built on jokes, insults, and blue acrylic paint.

Here are some of my favorite images from our day in Old Town, Alexandria, which is the perfect spot for professional head shots!